Homeschooling Teens

Homeschooling the teen years can seem daunting – from drivers’ education, AP classes, graduation, transcripts, and SATs – even experienced homeschoolers may have questions. If you haven’t been homeschooling prior to the high school years, it may be helpful to know that the laws for homeschooling in Virginia are the same for students of any age.

Homeschooling Teens FAQs

Are you new to homeschooling and thinking about homeschooling your teen? Curious about what might be involved? Look no further, we have answers!

Why Homeschool High School?

Worried about your ability to provide an adequate high school education: one that will open college or career doors for your child? Read more about your options.

Start Your Senior Year?

Deciding to start homeschooling for your senior year has many pros and cons. This page provides information to help you with this decision.

High School Diploma Options

Answers frequently asked questions related to graduation and diploma options for Virginia homeschoolers.

Driver Education

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and the Virginia Board of Education have worked together to create policies and guidelines for homeschooling families who wish to teach driver education.

Homeschoolers and the GED

Answers frequently asked questions related to homeschoolers and the General Educational Development Exam (GED).

Teen Employment

Learn about Virginia teen employment requirements and how to get work permits.

High School Transfer Credit Procedures

Learn about the Virginia Department of Education (DOE) Standards of Accreditation (SOA) which clarify transfer credit procedures for private, homeschooled, and out-of-state students who are entering Virginia public schools.

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