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The Home Instruction Statute requires parents to provide “evidence of progress” at the end of the school year. Parents may either submit the results of a nationally normed standardized test or a written evaluation that stipulates the child has made adequate education progress. Homeschoolers in Virginia have a number of options to satisfy either of these requirements.

To assist, VaHomeschoolers welcomes evaluators and testing services to list themselves in our provider directory (below). Filter on the type of service (testing or evaluation) or the type of standardized test you are interested in. Most testing services, and many evaluators, are available throughout the state. Please visit each provider’s website for the most up-to-date information.

This listing is free and we welcome providers to participate. If your business is not listed, or you wish to update your listing, please fill out the form.

The following information is provided as a courtesy of VaHomeschoolers and does not constitute an endorsement.


Aim & Flourish provides flat-fee academic portfolio review and homeschool evaluation by connecting your family with a licensed teacher, who assesses and celebrates your child’s achievement and educational growth. We encourage clear affirmation of goals set and achieved, so that learning and growth can flourish, year after year. After your virtual roundtable conversation, Aim & Flourish will send you a letter verifying your findings, signed by the licensed educator you met with. We’ll make sure you are set with all the materials you need to meet Virginia’s homeschool evaluation requirements and to finish strong.

Teachers, licensed to teach in any state in the United States. Masters Degrees in related disciplines.

Contact: website or email

I believe that an authentic evaluation is essential to capture the essence of your child’s progress in a way that a standardized test cannot. Oftentimes, the evaluation is much less stressful than a timed document. I base my assessments on the Virginia Department of Education’s grade level standards, and more importantly, on the individual progress your child has made during the course of the year.

My goal as an evaluator is not to be punitive in finding what your child cannot do, but rather to look for the growth and abilities that demonstrate his/her comprehension in math, reading, and language.

The assessment lasts approximately two hours and includes, but is not limited to the following:

1) a perusal of relevant work samples or portfolio;
2) parent and child interview related to the learning that has taken place over the course of the year;
3) Analytical Reading Inventory assessment, providing a grade level equivalent of where the student is reading;
4) additional one-to-one assessments to gauge specific math and reading goals.

Within a week of evaluation, you will be provided with a formal letter to mail to your Regulatory School Board or Superintendent.

Sibling discount available; travel fees may apply.

I hold an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education with a double minor in Reading and English. I hold a Master of Education degree in Reading, Language, and Literacy.

I am a former elementary teacher certified in the state of Texas with ten years experience in the public school system, ranging from 2nd through 5th grade. I spent several years working with students struggling in reading and math.

Contact:  call (770-861-8740) or email.

Based in Northern Virginia, Catina Franklin Sweedy offers homeschool consultations and proof of progress evaluations both in person and virtually. I specialize in working with young people and families who are pursuing (or are interested in learning more about) self-directed education (unschooling), and those who learn differently than than traditional expectations. End of year proof of progress evaluations are an excellent way to respect, support, and inspire your child in their learning journey.

Please contact me today to learn more about homeschool consultations and end-of year proof of progress evaluations.

I am legally qualified to provide proof of progress evaluations in Virginia because I hold a Master’s Degree in an academic discipline (music). I have been teaching music and nature connection both privately and in the classroom since 1997, an unschooling Mom since 2008, and a program advisor at Embark Center for Self Directed Education since 2018. I lecture frequently about alternative and self-directed education, music, and the benefits of video games at such venues as the VA Homeschoolers Conference and Resource Fair, the Alternative Education Resource Organization Conference, the Liberated Learners Conference, MineFaire, and the Northern Virginia Women’s Summit, among others.

Contact: website, email or call 703-491-4037

Basic and Comprehensive homeschool portfolio evaluations are available that respect a family’s homeschool styles that range from school at home to radical unschooling, and everything between. Whole-life learning plans are available to assist with resource choices, pacing, and goal development in home and in community, similar in essence to an individual learning plan (IEP) in a public school system but custom and respect to family values and rhythms, more a “dream IEP.” Transcript guidance, high-school and college planning, and flexi-school (for homeschooler’s needing to navigate a balance of home and public school services such as Speech or occupational therapy, etc.) options are also available. Advocacy services to assist in flexi-school planning such as functional behavioral assessments (FBA)s, individual education plans (IEP)s, and gifted/twice exceptional advocacy assistance and planning is also available.

Sarah Blunkosky, M.A., RYT 200, RCYT, RPYT is an integrative education consultant and works as a homeschool educator to her three children, one of whom has complex challenges which include: Down syndrome, autism, sensory integration, and other medical needs. In her pre-mom life, Sarah taught Social Studies at the highly acclaimed Open High School in Richmond, Virginia. She holds a Bachelor’s in World History with a minor in World Religions from the University of Mary Washington and a Master’s degree from Virginia Commonwealth University as an American slavery scholar. Her Master’s thesis explored Unlawful Assembly in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Sarah opened Learning Heroine LLC in March, 2015 and added Learning Heroine Movement to assist families in adding research-based movement solutions to their learning lives beginning in June 2017. Sarah is a certified therapeutic-style yoga teacher and has specialty certifications as both a Children’s (RCYT) and Prenatal/Postnatal (RPYT) yoga teacher. She has extensive research based knowledge in cognitive impairments (memory and learning in Alzheimer’s, Down syndrome, autism) and successful learning outcomes and advocacy from thirteen years of parenting and assisting parents as both a certified peer breastfeeding counselor, new Down syndrome parent counselor, and peer implementing complex biomedical, advocacy, and learning interventions with her children and others in public, private, and home education settings. When she’s not working, you can find her teaching babies, children, and adults yoga or curled up in a corner of her public library.

Contact: website, email or call (540) 429-9433

Customized student evaluations conducted remotely.

Ph.D. in Educational Leadership

Contact: email or call (540) 324-8280

I evaluate students for Proof of Progress purposes. I look at work samples from the school year as well as discuss with the parent(s) what the student has been learning.

I hold master’s degrees in education and math, and is a certified Secondary Math Teacher in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Contact: email

SpritelyMind uses a unique method of assessment specifically designed by and for parent educators who want a more holistic, relevant, and personalized assessment experience for their children. Our assessments cover reading, writing, spelling, language, math, science, social studies, history, health, occupational education, art and music appreciation, and any other subject you would like to include.

Evaluation is an essential component of learning. It provides evidence of mastery, exposes learning gaps, and is a powerful instructional planning tool. Assessments are like a road map for homeschool planning. They give you the direction of where your student and their learning needs to go.

For other homeschoolers in areas where annual testing is a requirement, circumstances call for less testing, less measurement. In some cases, all that is needed or wanted is to meet legal testing requirements without the hassle, pressure, and stress that often accompanies evaluation. ​

Standardized tests are but one way to measure student progress, but they are not a good fit for many students. Keeping to the principles of educational progressives Alfie Kohn and John Holt with regard to testing, SpritelyMind believes that if a child is to be formally evaluated, a holistic approach should be taken where the whole child is considered. SpritelyMind also supports the National Center for Fair and Open Testing. We encourage you to read about their work on standardized testing at

The SpritelyMind method has been around since 2008. In fact, it all got started with a small group of twice-exceptional students in Washington state who needed to meet their annual homeschool requirement, but did not want to use standardized testing. The outcome was a series of assessments that were accurate, yet flexible enough to be used with any student, regardless of their abilities.

Since 2008, Patrice Davila has developed assessments to be used by homeschoolers who want an easy and effective way to gently evaluate their child’s academic progress, as well as meet their annual homeschool testing obligation. SpritelyMind assessments are not only the easiest, but the most affordable of their kind.

Who is Patrice Davila?

Founder, Creator, and Coach at SpritelyMind
Masters in Education – Curriculum & Instruction with an emphasis in Gifted Education
Bachelors of Arts – Political Science / International Studies
Private homeschool teacher and consultant
Certified Classroom teacher, grades K – 8
Former Virginia elementary school teacher
Mother of 3 homeschool graduates; all enrolled into college by age 14.
Over 20 years experience in education, working in classrooms and homes throughout the United States, and around the world.

See their website for more information.

Testing Providers

Donny & Sandy Ball’s Bayside School Services offers the best do-it-yourself standardized achievement testing experience. Our testing is available all year long. As graduated homeschooling parents and test providers for over 25 years, we know the importance of fair prices, easy ordering, accurate order processing, and detailed reporting.

DRC CTB, the test publisher, and Bayside offer a more recent test series than the discontinued CAT/5 and CTBS: the CAT/6 TerraNova 2nd Edition, published in 2000 with updated 2005 norms. This is the test of choice for the do-it-yourself homeschool! It is accepted for use in Virginia as well as most other states that mandate nationally standardized achievement tests for homeschool students. We offer the full version Complete Battery for Kindergarten (Level 10), the Complete Battery Plus for Grades 1 through 12, as well as the shorter – but not easier – Survey Plus version for Grades 2-4 and 6-12. (There is no Survey available for Grades K, 1 or 5.) These are the most complete, extensive, and up-to-date tests available for unrestricted homeschool use.

See our website for complete details. You can also email or call (800) 723-3057.

The test administrator for the ITBS is required to have a bachelor’s degree or meet BJUP requirements, which can be found here.

The test administrator for the Stanford is required to have a bachelor’s degree AND meet BJUP requirements for an “approved” tester. Tester applications take a few days to process and must be completed prior to ordering tests.

Tests need to be ordered 4–6 weeks before scheduled test date. Practice Tests for both the IOWA and Stanford are available.

Test materials will be mailed to the qualified tester. Tests must be administered and returned within 21 days after the test date (date designated when ordering tests; 75 days for international testing). Computer-scored results will be sent electronically to the one who ordered the tests. BJUP provides names of Iowa and Stanford Testers in your area in their Test Administrator Directory.

Contact: website, email or call (800) 845-5731.

The only test requiring that the administrator have a bachelor’s degree is the Iowa test.  We have our own scoring equipment, so scoring is guaranteed within 3 weeks, but we usually turn around our grading in less than a week.  Overnight scoring can be ordered as well.

All of our tests are the latest tests available for homeschool use. Our reports are professional, computerized reports that are homeschool friendly and easy to understand. We provide quick turnaround, as well as communication during every step of your testing process.

We have test preparation materials and IQ/Cognitive Abilities testing. (We even have one you can do online:  OLSAT8 Cognitive Abilities Test-no degree required.)  We also schedule professionally administered individualized achievement tests and have a number of students who come to us in NC from VA.  This includes Curriculum Consulting and Instructional Strategy suggestions, geared toward the needs of your students.

Tests available:
Basic Achievement Skills Inventory (BASI), CAT/6 TerraNova 2nd Edition, Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS), Stanford 10 ONLINE, Woodcock Johnson Test of Achievement-III (WJ-III)

Professional testing is done by Pat Brewer, M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction and who is also a retired Curriculum/Testing Coordinator with the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools in NC.

Contact:  website, email or call (336) 699-3997.

To help parent-instructors and teachers objectively evaluate the academic progress of their students from kindergarten through twelfth grade, Christian Liberty Press offers both achievement testing and placement testing services. These services can be ordered at any time during the year. Those purchasing an achievement test may also order a curriculum recommendation service, which will assist in the task of selecting the appropriate curriculum materials.

Since 1987, Christian Liberty has been providing achievement-testing services to students through the paper version of the nationally recognized California Achievement Test (CAT)—1970 edition. In 2010, we began to offer two different online testing services: an online version of the 1970 edition California Achievement Test, and the TestPoint Placement Test. Both online options offer immediate feedback compared to the paper-based CAT that requires mailing materials before results can be determined and communicated. Most recently, in 2017, we added a practice version of the CAT for those who are unaccustomed to the testing environment and would like to get a “feel” for the process before moving to the real thing.

Contact: website, email or call (800) 348-0899.

Many home and private school educators rely on standardized achievement tests to evaluate their students’ progress. The results of such testing are a benefit to the teacher in understanding the student’s mastery of tested subject matter as well as to report to their state, as required by law in many states in our nation.

Crosspointe Educational Services provides such testing services to the general public as well as to private schools. We are a mail order service provider that offers the state-approved Complete Battery California Achievement Tests (CAT/5 and TerraNova) and Survey (CAT/5).

Please review our site for details on those tests and more!

Contact: email or call 888-713-1249.

Dolphin STEM Academy offers online achievement testing through the NWEA MAP Growth tests in all 4 subject areas — Math, Reading, Science, and Language Arts for only $75! Your child tests online in the comfort of your home. The detailed report provides information regarding your child’s achievement score; Reading Lexile score; learning next steps; and correlated ACT/SAT predicted scores based on the MAP Growth results.

MAP Growth is a computer adaptive test — the test questions adapt to your child’s answers, so every single test is unique! As your child answers correctly, the questions become more challenging, and as your child answers incorrectly, the questions become easier! This adaptive testing helps to accurately pinpoint your child’s academic areas of strengths and areas for development!

Contact: website, email or call (888) 407-3818.

Donna Turner has been a home-educator since 1979. Mother of 12, she has taught her own children as well as tutored dozens of others. Donna has administered the WRAT test throughout the state of North Carolina and southern Virginia since 1985. The WRAT is effective for homeschooled students end-of-grade test and grade placement for new homeschool families.

Contact: call (336) 351-4933.

Family Learning Organization offers standardized tests for homeschooling families. Through our Educational Assessment & Testing Service, tests may be obtained by parents to administer to their homeschooled children. Our services include:

  • Standardized Achievement Tests including:
    • California Achievement Test, 5th Edition – Complete Battery – 1992 Version
    • CAT/5 Survey – 1992 Version
    • Basic Achievement Skills Inventory (BASI)
    • TerraNova Achievement 1st Edition Test (T)
    • TerraNova 2nd Edition Test (TN) – Also known as CAT/6

Testing materials should be ordered 3 weeks in advance. Upon receipt of testing materials, parents have two weeks to administer and return the tests for scoring. Computer generated printout of scores is returned to parents in 1 to 3 weeks. Complete confidentiality. Scores are never entered into the national norming process. Credit card ordering.

Contact: website, email or call (800) 405-8378.

We offer the NWEA MAP Growth Assessments to homeschool families in the US. These are untimed, online K-12 tests that adapt across grade-level to meet the performance of the student while they test. Results include percentile ranking for each subject, lexile level, “typical of” grade and season, and typically 30-60 pages of information about what the student knows and what they are ready to learn. K-2 level test is designed for pre-readers. Many accommodations available upon request for special needs students including text-to-speech feature. Homeschool-family-owned business.

Contact: website, email or call 844.746.2677

Any homeschool student may test with Homeschool Testing Services. We have been facilitating standardized testing for groups of homeschool students since 2008. Well-qualified and experienced Test Coordinators and Proctors contract with us to provide you a relaxed and easy testing experience. Offers on-site, online, and at-home testing options.

Tests available: 
Comprehensive Testing Program (CTP), Stanford 10, Stanford 10 ONLINE

Contact: website or email

The Huntington Learning Centers will do CAT testing for homeschooled students. Testing hours are Monday – Friday 10am – 8pm.

Locations: Ashburn, South Riding, Tysons Corner

Check the website for more information.

Piedmont Education Services offers year-round, nationwide, K-12 achievement testing, practice tests, educational consultations and custom curriculum development based on personal assessment and learning style.

Tests available:
Advantage practice tests for ITBS, CAT, SAT, TN, gr. 1-12
California Achievement Test/5 (CAT/5) complete battery , gr. K-12
TerraNova Achievement Test (CAT/6) , gr. K-12
WJ3, untimed online test, gr. K-12

Check their website, email or call 336-924-2494 for more information.

Seton Testing Services originated in 1982 in order to assist the homeschool community with the educational assessments of their students for personal use and in meeting homeschool state testing requirements. Since then we have expanded our services to private schools and public schools. All tests may be ordered year round.

The CAT test is  generally mailed within a day. Parents administer the CAT tests and then return for scoring. Tests must be returned within 30 days. Results are available online within two weeks.

The IOWA Test administrators must have a bachelor’s degree per publisher requirements.  IOWA tests should be ordered at least 3 weeks before the scheduled test date. Test must be returned within 30 days. Test scores will be available online within 2 weeks of receiving your returned test materials.

The TerraNova and Stanford 10 Online tests should be ordered at least 3 weeks before the scheduled test date. These tests can be administered by the parent/teacher and a bachelor’s degree is NOT required. Tests must be returned within 21 days. Test scores will be available online within 2 weeks of receiving your TerraNova, and within 2 days or test completion for the Stanford 10.

Seton also sells Spectrum Test Preparation books for grades 1-8, which contain practice tests which correlate with the six most commonly-administered standardized tests. Test Prep material is also available for the IOWA and the TerraNova.

See their website, send email or call 800-542-1066 for more information.

Thurber’s Educational Assessments has been serving the homeschool community for over 20 years.

They offer standardized achievement testing — CAT/5 ® & TerraNova for homeschools, private schools, or organized groups. The California Achievement Test & the TerraNova are both easy to administer and are nationally recognized. The CAT/5 is available for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade, and the TerraNova is available for students 4th through 12th grade. You can choose a Survey test (shorter test) or the Complete Battery (longer test).

Publisher’s practice tests are available.

Contact: website, email or call (877) 418-8232

Evaluation & Testing Services

Location: Staunton, VA. Will travel anywhere in the state. A travel fee is charged outside of Augusta Co.

Offers individual testing with the Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement, 2nd Edition (KTEA-II). Untimed, no bubbles, scored immediately! Average time about 40 minutes. Done in your home anywhere in the state.

Individual evaluations – for any homeschoolers. Unschooler-friendly. No portfolio or SOLs required. Respect for you as the parent and as the teacher is guaranteed! Discount for multiple children in one family. Also available for tutoring, consultations, classes, or speaker engagements.

B.S.Ed. in elementary education (1979), certification in special ed. (1984), M.A.T. (2002), Ph.D. in Education, Social Foundations (University of Virginia, 2009). Licensed in VA and TX.

Brenda has taught in public and private schools, from preschool through graduate courses. She began homeschooling/unschooling in 1990; now the parent of six homeschool graduates. Testing and evaluations since 1991, in over 40 Virginia school districts and several in WV. Served as an expert witness in homeschool cases in VA and WV courts.

Contact: Brenda Rose, (540) 885-9618

Psychoeducational testing: WISC, WIATT
Testing/screening for evaluation for ASD
Social Skills groups

Dr. Darren C. Brennan, PsyD is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Contact: website, email or call (703) 391-9410

Hand in Hand conducts evaluations of homeschool programs in order to show proof of academic progress, as well as individualized testing services, using the WJ-III, that complies with Virginia homeschool laws.

Pricing begins at $50. Families looking for more in-depth testing services can call for a free telephone consultation to explore how IQ and achievement testing can help you better understand your child’s academic strengths and weaknesses.

As a former unschooler in the younger years, Alessa understands and appreciates the spectrum of homeschool philosophies that successfully work for different families. Alessa travels to VA from March – June to work with local families. Year-round testing services are available just a short drive into Maryland.

Tests offered:
CTOPP, GORT, KeyMath 3, Test of Reading Comprehension, Test of Written Language, Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-IV (WISC-IV)

BA in Psychology from Lehigh University; MS.Ed. from Johns Hopkins University. Certified as an expert witness in matters relating to educational best interest in custody disputes in the State of Maryland.

Alessa homeschooled her two children from Kindergarten into college. She is also a professional curriculum developer.

Contact: website, email or call 410-236-1927

Sarah is a Certified Teacher and homeschooling parent of 18+ years.

She offers evaluations and portfolio evaluations, as well as individual and group testing.

Tests offered: Academic Achievement Battery (AAB),  Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS), Wide Range Achievement Test (WRAT), Woodcock Johnson Test of Achievement-III (WJ-III)

Contact: website or call (757) 456-9659

Triangle Education Assessments, LLC has been in business for over two decades in the Raleigh, NC area. We are a one-stop shop for all of your nationally standardized achievement and cognitive testing needs. We use the finest assessment tools and newest norms to help assess a student’s academic and cognitive strengths and weaknesses. We also carry career tests, practice tests and parent materials. We offer year-round scoring. At Triangle Education Assessments, your success is our priority and we believe each child is uniquely and wonderfully made. Our helpful staff members are ready to assist you in choosing the right tests to help meet your needs.

Tests offered:
Basic Achievement Skills Inventory (BASI), CAT/6 TerraNova 2nd Edition, CogAT, Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS), Stanford 10, Stanford 10 ONLINE, Woodcock Johnson Test of Achievement-III (WJ-III)

Please browse our website, email or call us today at 919-387-7004 for more information.