Comprehensive Guide to Homeschooling in Virginia


Find answers to common questions shared by many prospective and new homeschoolers.

The decision to homeschool is a big decision and, for many parents, it can seem overwhelming at first. You may be interested in homeschooling because you find the idea of allowing your child to learn at his or her own pace appealing. Your child may be struggling in school and you feel that there must be a better way. Or, you may wish to more closely tailor your program to your child’s interests or to your family’s values and beliefs.

Regardless of the reasons that brought you here, you will find that homeschoolers are diverse in our beliefs and backgrounds, but united in loving our children, valuing their education, and treasuring our freedom to homeschool.

As a public service, VaHomeschoolers has compiled this Comprehensive Guide to help you find answers to common questions shared by many prospective and new homeschoolers. Some of this information is specific to Virginia, while other parts of the Guide apply to homeschooling, regardless of location. It is our hope that by providing you information and support that you will feel confident and empowered to make the leap to homeschooling.

  • If you’re ready to begin, learn your options for complying with, or seeking an exemption from, the Compulsory Attendance Code as a homeschooler.
Curriculum and Resources

So many options! Some ideas to start you along your way.

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