High School Transfer Credit Procedures

The Code of Virginia

§22.1-253.13: 4 A says:

Each local school board shall award diplomas to all secondary school students, including students who transfer from nonpublic schools or from home instruction, who meet the requirements prescribed by the Board of Education and meet such other requirements as may be prescribed by the local school board and approved by the Board of Education. Provisions shall be made to facilitate the transfer and appropriate grade placement of students from other public secondary schools, from nonpublic schools, or from home instruction as outlined in the standards for accreditation. The standards for accreditation shall include provisions relating to the completion of graduation requirements through Virtual Virginia. Further, reasonable accommodation to meet the requirements for diplomas shall be provided for otherwise qualified students with disabilities as needed.

To read the complete text of the law: §22.1-253.13: 4 A Standard 4. Student achievement and graduation requirements.

Regulations Establishing Standards For Accrediting Public Schools In Virginia (SOA)

The statewide Regulations Establishing Standards For Accrediting Public Schools In Virginia (SOA) (8 VAC 20-131, adopted May 24, 2006; effective September 7, 2006; revised May 2019) address transfer credit for homeschoolers and other transfer students.

Local School Division Policies

To find your local school division policies on transfer credit or other homeschooling issues, read Local School Division Policies on Homeschooling in Virginia.

Curriculum Provider Accreditation Status

To learn the accreditation status of your curriculum provider, contact them directly, or check one of the following websites:

VDOE’s Home Instruction in Virginia: Information for Parents

VDOE’s manual Home Instruction in Virginia: Information for Parents (pp 9-10) contains useful information on both transfer credit and “off-site instruction” (coursework completed by a public school student outside a public school).

High School Record Keeping

For more information on homeschool record keeping for high school, explore some of the resources on VaHomeschoolers’ Homeschooling Teens Resource page.

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