In January 2008, the VaHomeschoolers Board of Directors voted to create The VaHomeschoolers Legacy Circle to recognize people who have made especially outstanding contributions to The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers through their volunteer efforts and vision.

Six individuals were chosen as founding members: William Shaw, Margaret Shaw, Jay Phaup, Mary Alissa Wilson, Ellen Neal, and Shay Seaborne. Legacy Circle members were and are leaders, moving the organization to new levels through their many years of service and strong belief in the founding principles of the organization. They have served homeschoolers across the state as role models, by supporting and mentoring other homeschool families. VaHomeschoolers held a recognition ceremony and reception in their honor on Saturday, April 26, 2008 at the Science Museum of Virginia. In May 2011, Celeste Land was inducted into this select group. In 2017 two more exceptional members of VaHomeschoolers were inducted: Parrish Mort and Lois Curling. Most recently, Stephanie Elms and Jeanne Faulconer were inducted into the Legacy Circle in April, 2021.

As members of the Legacy Circle, they are listed in each issue of VaHomeschoolers Voice. The board hopes they will continue as ambassadors to the community and the organization, providing a sense of history, guidance, and support to current board members and homeschoolers. They are an important part of VaHomeschoolers history. We honor their years of service and dedication to homeschooling.