Lois Curling served as a member of the VaHomeschoolers board of directors for five years. She was treasurer for five years and assistant to her successor for two additional years. Lois saved the organization thousands of dollars by personally calculating and filing the organization’s taxes, continuing to do so even after she completed serving on the board. While it isn’t exactly a treasurer’s duty, Lois also took on the administrative work of registering all the organization’s lobbyists and filing the proper paperwork.

Lois extended her work on behalf of the organization’s finances by writing our most powerful fundraising letter and coordinating all of our fundraising programs, such as Box Tops for Education and store programs.

Another major contribution Lois made was spearheading the redesign of the organization’s website. This was a major project, and she was the one who sought and received proposals for the redesign, then worked with the designer to create an updated and useful website for VaHomeschoolers—personally doing many updates needed for individual pages.

Lois also has worked hard on VaHomeschoolers conferences. She was the signs keyleader for multiple years and has been the lodging keyleader since 2005, working with conference hotels to make sure our registrants and guest speakers have outstanding accommodations and any services they require.

Lois also took on finding the appropriate phone service that could handle the organization’s growing phone needs—which necessitate the ability for multiple volunteers to be able to take and track calls as they answer questions from homeschooling parents, the media, school officials, legislators, and the general public.

This short history was written by Jeanne Faulconer and was included in the Jan/Feb 2017 issue of VaHomeschoolers Voice.