Sports Access ("Tebow Bills")

While homeschoolers in Virginia are allowed to enroll part-time in public school classes, they are currently not allowed to play on public high school interscholastic sports teams due to regulations established by the Virginia High School League (VHSL). Read more about past efforts and what is being done.

Religious Exemption

Parents who have sincere religious convictions against sending their children to school may consider a claim of Religious Exemption (RE) to compulsory schooling under §22.1-254 B 1 of the Code of Virginia. Learn more about this issue.

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Tax Credits

The 2013 Virginia Governor’s race sets the agenda for this discussion because a gubernatorial candidate has aligned himself with HSLDA and and a candidate for lieutenant governor has taken a pro-tax credit view painted as having universal support by homeschoolers in Virginia, which it does not. However, it’s also a timely reminder that VaHomeschoolers needs to say, once again, that homeschoolers have a variety of views on legislative issues, and they hail from many different religious, political, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Child Protective Services

Homeschooling and Child Abuse: No Connection
VaHomeschoolers’ official position on child abuse and homeschooling.

Answering the CPS (Child Protective Service) Questions by Shay Seaborne
A CPS representative answers your questions in this informative article about homeschooling and CPS.

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