Joy Hakim is the renowned author of the illustrated 10-volume series, “A History of US,” in which she employs a dynamic, narrative style of writing—sharing stories and unusual facts that immerse even the youngest learner in the colorful history of the United States. Her three-part series, “The Story of Science,” has educated students nationwide. Using her unique style, the series shares stories so interesting that students easily learn the application of scientific principles and the lives behind the concepts. Her series have been periodically updated throughout the years to stay current with the most recent research.

Mrs. Hakim grew up in Rutland, Vermont. After earning a bachelor’s degree in government at Smith College, she went on to earn a master’s degree and, later, was presented with an honorary doctorate from Goucher College. She has taught elementary, middle, and high school, as well as community college in Virginia, New York, and Nebraska.

She has written for The Virginian-Pilot (Norfolk’s morning paper), she worked as a general reporter and photographer on the staff of The Ledger-Star (Norfolk’s afternoon paper), and she freelanced for The Wall Street Journal. She was also assistant editor of McGraw-Hill’s World News in New York City. While she and her husband spent many years in Colorado and Virginia, they now live in the Washington, D.C., area. Mrs. Hakim’s books have influenced learners across the nation, but she feels her greatest accomplishment so far has been her three children and five grandchildren.

Her two newest publications are Reading Science Stories, which celebrates non-fiction reading through tales of some of science’s greatest discoverers, and Free to Believe (or Not), an illustrated book that tells the fascinating story of religious freedom in America through the examination of original documents.

Join Mrs. Hakim as she presents her Keynote Address, “Preparing Our Children for a Future We Can’t Predict: Why a Classical Education—Focused on History, Science, and Language Arts—Is Still the Best Route We Know. (Subtitle: Beware of Gimmickry in New Clothes).” Interactive workshops on “A History of US,” “The Story of Science,” and Free to Believe (or Not) will share the ways her material can be taught and integrated into your homeschool environment. Finally, don’t miss Mrs. Hakim’s writing workshop, an inspiration for budding authors of all ages.