Sherene (Shez) Silverberg is a South African transplant living in Norfolk with her pathologist husband Marc and their 17-year-old twins, Ben and Sam. Their always-homeschooled children started dual enrollment in 9th grade at Old Dominion University. Shez is passionate about the benefits homeschooling brings to all children, but especially 2e, chronically ill ones. The Silverberg family is the poster family for individualized homeschooling plans. Sam graduated high school a year early to pursue a 2+2 from Tidewater Community College to William & Mary, while Ben continues to do dual enrollment as a 12th grader who hopes to be able to transfer 50+ credits to a four-year school. Shez is one of the administrators for Homeschooling in Hampton Roads, providing support for over 5,000 homeschoolers in the area.