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What Colleges Look for in a Homeschool High School Transcript

Hi! I’m Lisa.

For years, I was an independent and confident homeschooler, proud to go down a road less traveled. Proud to give my kids the space to lean into who they really are.

Then, when my son started looking at colleges, I panicked. How was I supposed to take his out-of-the-box education and put it into a neatly wrapped box? I wasn’t sure what colleges wanted from homeschoolers and, even if I did, how would I give it to them?

This was my moment of truth. Slowly, but surely, I began the overwhelming task of piecing things together.

I tuned out the noise from friends and family (and my own doubting heart). Instead, I leaned into my son and his story. I let that guide me every step of the way.

In doing so, I discovered a simple and meaningful way to navigate this daunting process while getting him into top tier schools with top merit scholarships. The joy and relief I felt!

Now, as a professional college admissions consultant in Fearless Homeschoolers, I clear the path for homeschoolers like you.

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