Andrea Cubelo-McKay

Andrea Cubelo-McKay, President, joined the Board in September 2020. She is an advocate for young people and their right to non-compulsory education. She founded the Embark Center for Self-Directed Education, a part of the Liberated Learners Network, in 2017 after years of searching for an effective way of helping families experience holistic education. Having been a therapist and a Montessori teacher, it was her work as a mom that led her to find a way to help young people create meaningful lives for themselves as she searched for alternatives for her own children.

Andrea lives in Hamilton, VA with her husband, children, dog, cats, and chickens. She enjoys gardening, knitting, and reading.

Lois Curling

Lois Curling, Membership Coordinator, rejoined the Board in September, 2020, after having previously served as Treasurer from 2008 to 2012.  She is honored to be part of the Legacy Circle.

Lois and her husband homeschooled their child from second grade through high school.  Her best ideas come when walking their mixed breed pointer, Spike.

Heidi Rugg

Heidi Rugg, Secretary and Virtual Programming Coordinator, joined the Board in September 2020. Heidi has nonprofit experience and has served on the boards for local, regional, and national organizations. She is a professional puppetry artist and runs a touring puppet theatre as well as teaching puppetry for all ages – from young children to master classes for professionals. Heidi loves that, through homeschooling, the arts can be centered and explored more deeply. In the past, she and her husband, Sam, have served VaHomeschoolers by running the talent show at the annual conference.

Heidi lives in Richmond and has homeschooled two daughters for the past 14+ years. She and her husband are thankful for all that have learned from other parents through Virginia Homeschoolers over the years. Heidi has been self-employed throughout the journey and enjoys connecting with other parents who are working on finding a home/life/work balance.

Jess Koller

Jess Koller, Vice President, joined the board in July 2022. She has 6 years experience as a homeschooling mom to three children, while working part time as a nurse. Jess has enjoyed the flexibility and natural learning homeschooling has allowed her family and works to support other families in finding their joy. In the past year she has volunteered with the organization on the PR team. As her current position of Chair of the PR Committee, she heads a team that moderates the social media content and VaHomeschoolers blog. She is working to create more options for inclusive collaborations and homeschool clubs in the Richmond area. When she’s not exploring with her children, working in the hospital, or collaborating with VaHomeschoolers, Jess enjoys woodworking, clay sculpting, and reading.

Russell Wrightson

Russell Wrightson, Volunteer Coordinator and Secretary, joined the Board in July 2022. He is a homeschooling parent and community organizer for FaHa: a secular, member organized, event focused group in central Virginia. Russell is passionate about forming or facilitating relationships as a foundational starting place for the educational process.  He has been homeschooling his two children since day one and is appreciative of organizations like VaHomeschoolers for advocating and keeping a space for all Virginia Homeschoolers.

Megan Shultz

Megan Shultz joined the board in 2022. As a chef, Megan owned and operated a catering business before becoming a mom of 3 and a home educator. She enjoys organizing field trips and events for homeschool groups in the Richmond Tri-cities area. Megan loves working with families, and inspiring outdoor play-based education, as a Tinkergarten leader. She hopes to make a positive and meaningful impact on Virginia’s homeschool families. Megan most enjoys being outdoors, gardening, cooking, hiking, tending to her chickens, camping, and spending time with her husband and three kids.