VaHomeschoolers’ Neutrality on Homeschool Tax Credits

Because our legislative positions on topics that are specifically related to homeschooling are guided by our annual member survey, VaHomeschoolers also takes a neutral position on the issue of public funding of homeschooling via tax credits, tax exemptions, or any other financial vehicle. Our members have clearly indicated to us that they are deeply divided on this topic, for a variety of reasons. One argument offered by homeschoolers who favor tax credits is that, since the choice to homeschool directly reduces the financial burden on the local public school system and increases the financial burden on the homeschooling family, it is fair to share some portion of the local tax fund to support those children who are educated at home.  On the other hand, homeschoolers who oppose tax credits argue (among other perspectives) that any proposal that would provide homeschooling families with public funds ultimately will also likely expose families’ choices of home education programs, materials and curricula to public scrutiny and regulation.

VaHomeschoolers cannot take a position that serves all homeschoolers when homeschoolers hold strong opinions both for and against homeschool tax credits. (Should our survey results indicate a shift toward broad agreement, our legislative position would then be clear.)