Curriculum & Resources

Homeschooling curriculum has become big business so many choices are available. Talking to experienced homeschoolers and thinking about what style of homeschooling you are comfortable with will help you narrow your choices. When possible, borrow a curriculum so that you and your child can look it over and see if it fits your teaching style and their learning style. In Virginia, homeschoolers are free to adjust what materials they are using at any point during the school year and are not required to update the curriculum description on file with the superintendent’s office.

Frequently, the best learning takes place when newly acquired knowledge is used in real life, as when you get a chance to spend the carefully-counted profits from your lemonade stand.

You know what your child needs or wants to learn. You have an idea what types of resources will best meet your needs in different areas. Resources for structuring your day and keeping costs low can be found in the Blog and Bookstore.

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