Homeschooling the Early Years

Reasons to Homeschool for Preschool, Whether or Not You Continue to Homeschool:
  • You can give your child the individual attention and custom program that best suits their needs.
  • Many preschoolers are not ready to separate easily and preschooling at home can give your child the time they need before separating.
  • Removes the artificial deadline for potty training or the need to adjust nap times to accommodate school requirements.
  • Preschoolers are fun and portable, so you can take them on many interesting field trips in your community.
  • Spending time together preserves and strengthens the family bond formed in babyhood.
  • You can delight in being with your child to witness and be a part of their discoveries.
  • Don’t spend money until you have done a lot of reading. Read books and magazines and browse Web sites.
  • Relax: there are no educational emergencies.
  • It can be helpful to find other parents who are preschooling at home. See Virginia Homeschool Groups to find a group near you.
  • Do the things you’ve always wanted to do and teach the kids as you go.
  • Evaluate your method regularly and make adjustments as you see fit.
  • Realize you’ll have some ups and downs—they are part of the process.
  • Choosing to homeschool your child can be scary, but remember, putting them in school is no guarantee either.

Enchanted Learning: Craft ideas, “make-your-own” coloring books (animals, plants, foreign language words, etc.)

“Toddler at Home” from A to Z Home’s Cool: Reviewed links in categories such as Activities, Advice, Online, Resources. Also includes these methods: Charlotte Mason, Montessori, Unschooling, and Waldorf.

Photo by Keely Noffsinger Massie

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