Virginia’s homeschoolers are subject to the same vaccination laws as public school children. You do not need to submit immunization records with your annual Notice of Intent, but proof of vaccination is required upon the request of the division superintendent of your local public school.

Virginia allows exemptions from vaccinations for medical and religious reasons.

Know the Law

§32.1-46 of the Code of Virginia discusses which immunizations are required under Virginia law, and addresses religious and medical exemptions from immunizations. §22.1-271.4 of the Code of Virginia requires homeschooled children to comply with the immunization requirements of §32.1-46.

Virginia Administrative Code (12VAC 5-110) addresses immunization requirements for school-aged children in Virginia. Of special interest are 12VAC 5-110-80, which deals with exemptions from immunization, and 12VAC 5-110-130, which addresses parental responsibilities and general penalties for noncompliance with the immunization laws. According to 12VAC 5-110-130 and accompanying statute §32.1-27, willful noncompliance with immunization regulations is considered a Class 1 misdemeanor.


Virginia Administrative Code (12VAC 5-110-80) addresses the granting of exemptions from immunizations:

  • To receive a medical exemption from immunizations, contact your local licensed physician or nurse practitioner

Inform Yourself Further

The links below are provided for your convenience. VaHomeschoolers takes no position on the vaccination issue.

The Centers for Disease Control’s National Immunization Program provides information about childhood vaccinations.

The Virginia Department of Health’s Division of Immunization site includes law regarding vaccinations and reporting.

The Virginia-based National Vaccine Information Center is “dedicated to the prevention of vaccine injuries and deaths through public education” and “supports the right of citizens to exercise informed consent and make educated, independent vaccination decisions for themselves and their children.” The site provides articles, publications, and links to other sites offering vaccine information.

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