VDOE Guidelines and Statistics

Although each public school division’s school board is responsible for developing policies and regulations for that division, the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) offers advice to school divisions, in the form of guidelines about implementation of applicable laws. To learn how VDOE interprets Virginia’s homeschooling laws, please read:

VDOE Home Instruction Handbook

A 1994 memorandum from VDOE to the Superintendents of the school divisions made clear the fact that parents who have a certification to teach in Virginia are eligible to choose either the Approved Tutor Provision or the Home Instruction Statute as a means for complying with the Compulsory Attendance Statute:

VDOE Memo to School Division Superintendents  1994 July Memo 121

Interested in how many children were homeschooled in Virginia since the year 2000? VDOE has collected data (the latest years in the form of Excel spreadsheets) which can be viewed at:

Virginia Homeschool Statistics

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