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As the state’s volunteer-driven homeschool organization, VaHomeschoolers’ work is done by our volunteers — homeschool parents, like you, who feel strongly about supporting homeschooling in Virginia, and who recognize the importance of an organization like VaHomeschoolers.  Consider supporting VaHomeschoolers by volunteering your time and abilities.

For more information and complete job descriptions for any of these positions, please email our Volunteer Coordinator. When applying, please include a listing of relevant skills and/or any previous experience.

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If none of these positions seems to be a fit, but you want to help, email VaHomeschoolers with your areas of interest and skills. Many volunteer opportunities exist, and we can find one that is the right size and scope for you.

Help Wanted – Positions Available

To inquire about any of these positions, ask questions or offer names of people you think would be suitable, please contact us or apply online

VaHomeschoolers Voice 

Don’t you love receiving VaHomeschoolers Voice? Do you realize that the entire publication is put together by volunteers, and all of them are homeschooling parents and children? You, too, can be a part of the Voice team!

Advertising Sales Manager

Manager will coordinate the sales of advertising in VaHomeschoolers publications, in official emails and on our website.

Skills and Qualities Needed: Excellent people skills, enthusiasm and a clear understanding of the mission and spirit of VaHomeschoolers. Sales experience helpful but not necessary. Extensive knowledge of VaHomeschoolers as an organization a plus.

Time Commitment:  5-10 hours per week estimated. More or less depending on how much space there is to sell and how many inquiries we get from clients.

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Advertising Salesperson

Salesperson will accept contracts and payments from clients who wish to advertise with us. Solicit advertising from vendors that sell homeschooling materials and services.  

Skills and Qualities Needed:  Excellent people skills, enthusiasm and a clear understanding of the mission and spirit of VaHomeschoolers. Sales experience helpful but not necessary. Extensive knowledge of VaHomeschoolers as an organization a plus. 

Time Commitment: 5-10 10 hours per week estimated. More or less depending on how much space there is to sell and how many inquiries we get from clients.

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The annual conference is led by volunteers dedicated to the inclusive nature of VaHomeschoolers mission. While the chair or co-chairs oversee all aspects of the conference, the keyleaders are in charge of one particular aspect. Take a peek of  these jobs! One is perfect for you!

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Government Affairs

Did you enjoy reading about our efforts in the General Assembly? We’re looking to expand our Government Affairs Team for 2015. We track legislation, work with public school divisions, and spend a lot of effort keeping our members informed. You saw the fruits of this labor this year. Want to be a part of it in the future?

School Division Liaison

Lead VaHomeschoolers’ work with public school divisions, and encourage positive working relationships between homeschoolers and their local school divisions. Coordinate our already-established school division policy review project, working with a team of volunteer researchers to document our findings for VaHomeschoolers’ members, school divisions, and the general public.  Assist homeschooling families in working with their school divisions.  Write reference material and other communication with school divisions on behalf of VaHomeschoolers.

Skills and Qualities Needed:  Effective leadership and communication skills, as well as familiarity with Virginia’s home instruction statute and related laws.

Time Commitment: Varies from 0-10 hours per week, peaking during the summer, when the school-division policy review research is conducted.  

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Online Communications


Post VaHomeschoolers’ information and notices. Re-tweet interesting posts relating to education and homeschooling. Respond to tweets mentioning VaHomeschoolers and other homeschooling posts.

Skills and Qualities Needed:   Effective communication skills. Ability to assess possible controversial topics needed to be approved by Board of Directors before responding. Understanding of the mission of VaHomeschoolers as a fully-inclusive support for all Virginia homeschoolers, and sensitivity to choose re-tweets accordingly. Experience with Twitter preferred, but not essential. Must have easy access to internet.

Time Commitment:  Generally, about 10-20 minutes a day.

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Regional Coordinator

Work closely with the Board of Directors and Volunteer Coordinator to improve statewide communication within VaHomeschoolers, arrange locations and publicity for coffee chats and seminars in your region, distribute of VaHomeschoolers materials to libraries and other homeschool friendly locations, be a drop off point for giveback programs and used curriculum resources.

Appropriate for: Homeschool parent or other adult (18 and older)

Requisite skills: People skills, ability to bring homeschoolers together, distribute organizational materials in public places; effective email and other communication skills for sharing information with the Board of Directors.

Geographical Location:  Coordinators needed for all regions in Virginia

Time commitment requested: At least two hours per month, more at the beginning as you are trained, tapering off as things get settled; time commitment depends on the needs and numbers of homeschoolers in your area, and also on how much you want to do.

Valuable work experience you can put on your transcript/resume. Experience in organizing groups, leadership, working with local organizations such as libraries and rec. centers.  Good work may be rewarded by a letter of recommendation to an employer or institute of higher learning

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Outreach Materials Coordinator

The Outreach Materials Coordinator will receive and maintain a supply of VaHomeschoolers promotional materials (i.e., brochures, bunper stickers, newsletters, event fliers, etc.), confirm and follow-through with requests for materials, file for reimbursement for postage of mailings.

Skills and Qualities Needed: The Outreach Materials Coordinator skills will include organization, timeliness, strong written communication, and administrative skills.

Training and Accountability: The Outreach Materials Coordinator will receive initial training and direction from the Executive Director. A detailed job description will be provided.

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The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers is a non-profit public charity with 501(c)(3) status; your donation is tax-deductible to the extent provided by law. A financial statement is available from the Virginia Division of Consumer Affairs upon request.

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