Speaker Spotlight: Alycia Wright, M. Ed.

Alycia Wright, M.Ed. is the Founder of Cultural Roots Homeschool Cooperative, a non-profit with the mission of creating a liberated educational space for children of color. Alycia is a former educator turned homeschool parent that launched Cultural Roots in 2016 after struggling to find a cooperative learning space that celebrated her family’s African culture & history. The vision of Cultural Roots is to create a cooperative community that nurtures the love of learning and develops a strong cultural/historical awareness in Black & Indigenous children that results in self- love, self- liberation & community empowerment. We anticipate Alycia’s workshop 


VaHomeschoolers: How were you first introduced to the world of homeschooling? 

Alycia: I’m not  sure how I was first introduced but it was something that quickly deepened in my thought of possibilities as alternative education options expanded. We were financially unable to continue at the Montessori school and were searching for options. 

What is a challenge you have faced in your personal homeschooling journey and how did you approach that challenge?

Moving from a professional educator mindset to a homeschool is life mindset.

What advice would you give to a family just starting out with homeschooling?

Give yourself grace and an opportunity to discover this new life journey before delving into rigid schedules and big box /expensive curriculum. 

Homeschooling can look very different from family to family. What are some tools/metrics you would suggest homeschooling families use to determine if their approach is working for their family?

Are you and the children happy?

Are they growing?

Are they confident in themselves?

What is a significant challenge(s) facing the homeschool community right now and how do you think we can address it?

The work/life/school balance. Creating routines and natural rhythms that work for your family. Remembering that life happens 7 days a week and so can learning and at any time that works for you.

Who are some of your biggest homeschooling influences and why? 

My in person and online support groups. Community is key and makes a huge difference for myself and my family.


Is there anything you are working on right now that you would like to let our guests know about?

I am creating a literature rich curriculum that celebrates diversity with an emphasis on Virginian history. 


We’re excited to hear more about Alycia’s history curriculum and the stories that she’s bring together. Want to hear more? Come see her speak at the 2024 unConvention on May 18th!



This interview was conducted by Valerie Coker, written and edited by the Public Relations Committee. Valerie is a homeschooling mom of three, including two with special needs. Homesteading in southwest Virginia, she volunteers as a coordinator for Luke14 Ministries serving families with disabilities, and loves teaching at her local co-op. We’re glad to have her as a volunteer for The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers. 

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